Will IPL Have More Teams?
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Will IPL Have More Teams?

IPL is the biggest and the boldest cricketing league in the world. A league full of excitement, entertainment and nail-biting finishes. A league where players from around the world compete against each other to showcase their talent to the world. A league where a country of 1.5 billion people cheer for their favourite team. India is a huge country, and most of the people want their own state to be represented in the IPL however, IPL only features teams from 8 states/cities. Shouldn't IPL have more teams so that there is more competitiveness and more money? It might seem like the right choice of entertainment, but is it possible?

IPL has had eight teams from the beginning. It did try to add new teams twice. In 2011, two new teams, Kochi Tuskers Kerala and Pune Warriors India. In 2011 the IPL was first time played with ten teams. However, both teams were disbanded due to lack of funds and cooperation between the owners and BCCI. In 2016, the match-fixing controversy with Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings gave both the teams a 2-year ban. Gujarat Lions and Rising Pune Supergiants replaced them. They were again disbanded after two years when Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings got back into the league.

BCCI has again granted permission for two new teams, names unknown to be introduced in the 15th season of IPL in 2022. This time making the league a ten-team league. This move's success is unpredictable as we know what happened last time when we had ten teams play. Here some of the reasons why including more team in IPL seems a bad idea :


One of the primary reasons for not including more teams in the IPL is time. IPL is nearly a 2-month long tournament even with two matches on weekends. Including more teams would increase the number of matches to be played, which will increase the time needed to complete the IPL. It would not be feasible as many players would have different roles to play for their nation.


Economically speaking it is not feasible to house more stadiums and spend more money on players and teams. Players would have to travel to different parts of the country which can also be stressful for them. It would be exhausting for them. 

For the fans:

It might seem like including more teams would be beneficial for fans, but in some way, so many teams and so many matches would make it overwhelming for the fans. In the long run, people might get bored with IPL as it would become so long. Think about the efforts the people who give IPL betting tips would have to put in if we had 29 teams. 

BCCI is on its way to making this tournament a ten-team tournament, but that's the most that they can stretch. More than ten teams would make the tournament long, tiring and uninteresting. One of the major reasons for the IPL's success is that it focuses less on teams and more on entertainment.

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