Indian Betting Sites

1XBet review

1XBET India is the wise choice when one decides to bet Cricket from India.

  • Up to 9,750 INR Bonus
  • Every cricket match is covered
  • Available in Hindi
  • Great mobile app
  • Instant payments
  • Live streaming

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10Cric review

10Cric is by far the No.1 betting site in India.

  • INR 10,100 Wecome bonus 🙏
  • Leading Indian sportsbook 🥇
  • 50.000+ events/week 📅
  • Brilliant mobile app 📱
  • Cash-out feature 💵
  • Best for Cricket betting 🏏

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Melbet review

Melbet makes the top 5 betting sites when one decides to place bets in India.

  • Up to ₹10,400 Bonus
  • 1.000+ Pre-match events daily
  • Translated in Hindi
  • Great mobile app
  • Instant payments
  • Live streaming

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Betway review

Betway leads the way when it comes to betting on Cricket in India.

  • ₹2,500 Wecome bonus
  • Top Indian bookmaker
  • Huge market offer
  • Mobile betting
  • Cash-out feature
  • Live betting

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22Bet review

22Bet is a proven betting site tested by millions of customers from India.

  • Accepts Indian Rupees
  • Excellent for bets on Cricket
  • Great In-Play console
  • Fast payments
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Excellent mobile version

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Online Betting in India - A definitive guide how to find your bookmaker

In today’s sports-obsessed world, betting on all sorts of competitions has become a regular feature in the lives of millions of people. Not only is it fun and immersive, but it can also be extremely profitable when done right, and everybody loves earning money from their passion - even if they don’t directly take part in the matches. While betting is a tantalizingly lucrative prospect to many, a lot of countries look down upon the practice and thus do not allow it - India being one of them. While on-site gaming is illegal in India, it is possible to bet online while living in the country. Read through this guide to learn just how!

Getting your feet wet

Everything has to start somewhere, and in this case, you should be well-aware of the online betting scene before you jump in. The most important step in this initial part of your journey is to select the best betting site for you. In this regard, we suggest you do your research on each site before starting. If you want to go for larger, more mainstream sites, the reliability and big name factor is there, but they can often have underwhelming joining/welcome bonuses, or a lack of generous offers. Less famous but still reputed sites are usually better in this regard, as they are actively trying to attract new users. If a site does not have a strong internet presence, however do not use it. There are countless disreputable sites that pretend to offer lots of absurdly good offers, but instead scam you.

Some of the most popular sites for cricket betting include 1xBet, 22Bet, MelBet, BetWinner, 10Cric and Parimatch. All of these sites have certification from reliable gambling authorities, and therefore must pertain to a certain standard of operation. This not only makes their services reliable, but also makes them legitimate businesses that are willing to preserve their reputation in terms of both customer safety and service.

The most important factor that you need to consider when choosing between these Top Betting Sites in India is the free offers they each give you. As a starter, you are more liable to make mistakes when making bets, so most websites give you some sort of a joining/welcome bonus. Moreover, they also give you offers for being regular, so if you’re planning to play often, you should take those offers into account as well.

Registry Process - How to register with Indian betting sites

In order to make sure you are fully aware of the procedure, we will break it down to you step-by-step.

For starters, go to the website of your choice. After clicking on register/sign up, you must enter your personal information truthfully. As previously discussed, these sites are very reliable as all the data is encrypted, so you need not worry about your information being leaked or misused. These websites are kept accountable by their governing bodies, and they have a lot more to lose by letting their user information be leaked than by running any possible scams.

When you’re done registering, it will be time to make that very first - and probably the most important - deposit. A variety of payment options will be available for depositing money, but our recommendation as the safest methods would be Skrill or Neteller. These are both e-wallets with responsible, reputable companies backing them. Register with these websites (you can also use their mobile apps), and authorize your method of payment to the e-wallet of your choice. Once you’re loaded up, deposit the money into your account on the sportsbook’s site. You might be asked to verify your ID, and if that is the case, go through with it.

Make sure you know what the bookmaker’s joining/welcome bonus is, and should you opt to receive it (some people do not want to, as they come with conditions), deposit according to what that bonus is for optimal benefits. Usually, these are 100% bonuses on top of what you deposit up to a certain amount, so ideally, you will want to deposit as much as the bonus goes for maximum efficiency.

With your betting account loaded up, you have the choice to bet on any of a number of sports, games, and e-sports, along with a virtual casino that you can hit up for slots, poker, blackjack, and a lot more. Whatever money you win will automatically be added to your account, and all you have to do have that money in your hand is to withdraw the amount to your Neteller or Skrill account. As soon as the money’s back there, you can reroute it to your personal bank account for a nominal fee.

In order to verify your identity with the website’s KYC program, you must use the method provided to send them a photo of your ID card as well as either a utility bill addressed to you or your bank statement for the linked bank account. Bear in mind that this document may not be more than 3 months old.

The dos and don’ts of betting

As with anything involving money, you should learn as much about betting as possible before you indulge in it, as that will make the difference between losing your bets and being profitable. While it is definitely a potent field to make money in, it’s no walk in the park, so you should also be wary of the risks and minimize them in order to become and remain profitable. Just like in any other game, you need to use your hard-earned skills to do well.

• First and foremost, as previously mentioned, you should have a thorough understanding of the sport you’re betting on as well as plenty of knowledge about the history of the teams and players involved. This is essential to making educated guests, and given that the alternative is shooting in the dark, you will want to follow this tip every single time if money and success mean anything to you.

• Remember not to stick to just one sportsbook. Different bookmakers provide a variety of special bonuses and offers, and you’re going to want to take advantage of as many of them as possible. Almost all betting sites offer some form of welcome bonus, and these are only given out once per person, but you can get them from as many sites as you want. Additionally, they also offer different odds and rates for different sports, and even different markets, so do your legwork in order to make the most out of your money.

• Keep your greed in check. It is a natural impulse to want to win big, but remember that the chances of winning big are only there with the chances of losing just as much. It might be tempting to go all-in in moments of desperation, when seeing a really good set of odds, or during the euphoric high of a success, but remember that the outcome of your bet is not in your hands, and ‘luck’ is fickle and never consistent. You will have to risk losing more if you want to win back what you lost. Know when to bet and when to stop.

• In the same vein, it is best to bet for as few variables as possible. The idea of winning huge sums is naturally attractive, but as previously stated, the risks are also big. It’s much better to place bets on a smaller selection of variables.

• Mind, not heart. The vast majority of sports fans have a favourite team they are passionate about, but at the end of the day, the team consists of human beings and can be defeated. If you are betting on a match featuring your team, don’t let your feelings for them prevent you from betting against them should you think that the opponents are more favourable. This is especially difficult when your team is up against their rivals, but practicality is of paramount importance, and not to be trifled with. At the end of the day, this is your game and you’re playing for team you.

Given the archaic anti-gambling laws in India, and the fact that the government has not prohibited online gambling, the prospect of gambling becoming legal as a whole in the country is very real. The Indian Law Commission is already trying to get the government to see the light in this regard, and with some luck, it can come about. Until then, feel free to enjoy the freedom and fun of online gambling to the highest degree!