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Deccan Gladiators vs Team Abu Dhabi Predictions: Abu Dhabi TCL 6th Match Preview
Cricket Predictions Abu Dhabi T10 League

Deccan Gladiators vs Team Abu Dhabi Predictions: Abu Dhabi TCL 6th Match Preview

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29.01.2021, 22:00 IST
Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Like some other teams, Deccan Gladiators were also victim to some misinformation, and their lineups will be corrected below. For now, they are in Group B, and not A as previously stated by some sports news agencies. After their loss to the powerful Pune Devils, the Gladiators must regroup and get wins against their remaining two opponents. The one coming up next is Team Abu Dhabi, and they look pretty powerful on paper. The Gladiators will be desperate for a win, as a loss here would almost certainly eliminate their chances of finishing in the top two. Team Abu Dhabi on the other hand will want to get off to a flying start without the pressure of having a loss on their backs or the motivation of desperation. Get ready for some tight T10 action as two teams led by West Indian legends lock horns, and while they get in position, let’s take a closer look at how they stand.

Deccan Gladiators

Predicted XI

Kieron Pollard (c), Sunil Narine, Colin Ingram, Zahoor Khan, Ravi Rampaul, Mohammad Shahzad (wk), Imran Tahir, Cameron Delport, Imtiaz Ahmed, Azam Khan, Aaron Summers.

Preview and form

As previously mentioned, some players were erroneously included while others left out because of incorrect information published by certain websites. There are no Sri Lankans listed officially yet, so the three listed before are out, while Aaron Summers, Cameron Delport, Hafeez Ur Rehman, and Yasir Kaleem join the group. In their first match, the Gladiators just couldn’t make the best of batting first. Azam Khan managed to salvage (to some degree) an disastrous innings with his 37 off 13, with the only other notable innings being Cameron Delport’s 25 off 17. Defending only 104, Ravi Rampaul and Sunil Narine did a decent job with a wicket each and relatively economical bowling, while Imran Tahir only provided the latter, but the other bowlers were absolutely butchered, and the Gladiators lost by 7 wickets early in the last over.

DG Key players

Kieron Pollard: He may have had a horror game in the first match, but he’ll bounce back as he always does.

Cameron Delport: The English T20 specialist has way too much potential to be dismissed off of the back of just one mediocre performance. 

Imran Tahir: The aging South African spinner shows no sign of losing his edge.

Sunil Narine: Narine’s sheer variety has been known to bamboozle the wiliest of customers.

Team Abu Dhabi

Announced squad

Chris Gayle (c), Joe Clarke, Leonardo Julien (wk), Kushal Malla, Obed McCoy, Karthik Meiyappan, Rohan Mustafa, Usman Shinwari, Naveen-ul-Haq, Ben Duckett, Luke Wright, Najibullah Zadran, Paul Stirling, Jamie Overton, Tom Helm.

Predicted XI

Chris Gayle (c), Joe Clarke, Leonardo Julien (wk), Obed McCoy, Karthik Meiyappan, Rohan Mustafa, Usman Shinwari, Naveen-ul-Haq, Ben Duckett, Luke Wright, Najibullah Zadran, Paul Stirling.

Preview and form

With Chris Gayle holding the reins, any team is either headed for glory or disaster - there’s just no in-between. The big man has the power to win games by his lonesome, and he will be joined in the batting department by the likes of Luke Wright, Ben Duckett, Joe Clarke, Najibullah Zadran, and last but far from the least Paul Stirling. While that lineup may sound formidable, the team does lack high-level talent in the bowling department. Only Naveen-ul-Haq and Usman Shinwari stand out, with Obed McCoy, Rohan Mustafa, and Karthik Meiyappan offering some support. If the players of this team can avoid their hit-or-miss tendencies, this team can be right there with the best.


TAD Key players

Chris Gayle: If he’s having one of his days, no opponent stands a chance.

Paul Stirling: After multiple ODI centuries in the past year or so, it will be interesting to see if Stirling will be fit for this far shorter format.

Naveen-ul-Haq: An absolute beast in his country’s recent series against Ireland, this young pacer will be instrumental for his team.

Usman Shinwari: Another Afghan powerhouse, it will be interesting to see if Shinwari can make some breakthroughs.

DG vs TAD weather conditions and pitch report

The third match of the day will take place under slightly cooler temperatures, but all other factors should remain the same - great for cricket. In any other country, dew may have been a point of concern given the hour, but it doesn’t look like it will be in Abu Dhabi.

As we have said before about this very pitch on this very day, it’s pretty good for batsmen, and not as good as previously thought for bowlers. Scores of at least 130 will be needed for a team to feel safe.

Can the Gladiators rise back up to come swiftly back into the tournament? Or will Team Abu Dhabi best them to go aim for the top of the table? Find out if our Deccan Gladiators versus Team Abu Dhabi predictions come true on Friday!

Match Winner:
Team Abu Dhabi
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DG Top Batsman:
C Delport
TAD Top Batsman:
P Stirling
DG Top Bowler (Wickets):
I Tahir
TAD Top Bowler (Wickets):
Players to score a fifty:
C Delport/K Pollard (DG), P Stirling/C Gayle (TAD)
Most fours:
Most sixes:
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