SCL Match 8: Boost Defenders vs Speen Ghar Tigers Prediction and Preview
Cricket Predictions T20 SCL 2020

SCL Match 8: Boost Defenders vs Speen Ghar Tigers Prediction and Preview

10.09.2020, 10:30 IST
Kabul International Cricket Stadium
The sheer unpredictability of a single round-robin league always produces interesting results. This season, both Boost Defenders and Speen Ghar Tigers began with promising victories only to be brought down to reality by massive defeats. One had the small target they set chased down like it was a Sunday league match, while the other couldn’t go anywhere near completing the massive chase that was demanded of them. The teams are currently third and fourth on the table, with the Defenders leading by virtue of a far healthier net run rate. Now they face each other, and with 2 extremely precious points on the line, there is bound to be plenty of juicy action. Before that begins, let’s take a look at how the teams are doing.

Boost Defenders Preview & Form

Still hunting for their first ever Shpageeza crown, Boost Defenders will be unhappy with both their batting and bowling in their last match, and must improve for the coming matches if they are to make such a bid. It’s always a big blow to your confidence when a team outclasses you to such an extent, and that’s another thing that will need repairing. With only two of their batsmen crossing the 30 mark, and the only person with a strike rate of over 130 making a mere 12 runs, the batting leaves much to be desired. On the other end, they were only able to take one solitary wicket from 15 years of bowling, during which they conceded 134. Hopefully for Boost, they will be able to shake it off as a one-off accident, and come right back into the tournament.

Speen Ghar Tigers Preview & Form

After a sizable victory against Kabul, Speen Ghar Tigers must have fancied their chances against Mis Ainak Knights, who had lost to the same. Their expectations, however, were thrashed all over the park along with their bowlers, with the Knights racking up a massive 22 courtesy of 3 half centuries. Only Abdullah Adil could show anything of a reasonable bowling performance, with all the others going for 9.5 runs or more per over. It didn’t take long for their chase to fall apart either, with the first three wickets falling for single digits. With Karim Sadiq having the highest score with 33, it wasn’t long before their chase - and inning - was over. Like the Defenders, they will have plenty to rectify if they are serious about earning a third Shpageeza. 

Boost Defenders vs Speen Ghar Tigers Predictions

With so much on the line, it’s time for Boost Defenders’ in-form players to keep performing, and out-of-form players to step up their game. Expect Imran Janat and Munir Ahmad to score big runs, while Gulbadin Naib and Karim Janat take some enemy scalps. 

Speen Ghar Tigers are no strangers to pressure - albeit somewhat out of touch. Nevertheless, this is the time to use all that experience. Expect Zubaid Akbari to get back to form along with his captain Karim Sadiq, while Qais Ahmed and Abdullah Adil find success with the ball. 

Who will win the 8th match?

Match Prediction: Speen Ghar Tigers To Win (2.34 @ 1XBET) 

Other Betting Tips:

  • BDD top batsman - I Janat

  • SGT top batsman - Z Akbari

  • Players with most boundaries - I Janat (BDD), Z Akbari (SGT)

  • Players to score a fifty – I Janat/M Ahmad (BDD), K Sadiq/Z Akbari (SGT)

  • Players to take most wickets - G Naib (BDD), K Sadiq (SGT) 

  • Most fours - SGT

  • Most sixes - SGT

Can the Defenders shake up the Tigers’ chances of a third trophy? Or will they get mauled by Karim Sadiq’s beasts? Find out on Thursday!

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Match Winner