IPL 2021 Schedule Released: See The Full Match Schedule
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IPL 2021 Schedule Released: See The Full Match Schedule

Indian Premier League is all set to host its 14th season this year. Last year due to Covid-19 protocols, IPL was held in the United Arab Emirates. This year IPL is expected to be held in India. Last week the IPL Governing Council completed the IPL 2021 auction where team owners bid for their favourite players to join their team. However, recently Covid-19 cases have been rising again in India; thus, the concern of organizing the IPL in India is still in doubt. Meanwhile, IPL 2021 betting tips are already out there as a rough schedule of the event is in place, and most likely, it would start in the first or second week of April if everything goes as planned by the BCCI and IPL Governing Council.

BCCI has also pointed out that they will be adding two new teams in the IPL 2022 edition, but this year BCCI is still in doubt about how, when and where of the IPL.

An official word has already been released. BCCI and IPL Governing Council had a meeting in the first week of March to answer some of the crucial questions regarding this year’s IPL and they decided the IPL edition would take place on 9th April.

The Meeting between BCCI and the IPL governing council was to discuss these three questions:

1) Where will IPL 2021 be held?

This is crucial as India sees a surge in Covid-19 cases again, so if the government does not allow IPL to be held in India, then UAE will be the most likely choice again. Another possibility is that all the matches would be held in one location in India, as covid-19 protocols would include travel restrictions.

2) IPL 2021 Date and fixture?

April is the most favourable date for IPL 2021, but BCCI might extend this date if there is any lockdown. However, they’ll have to give teams enough time to prepare before the start. Announcing the proper fixtures and schedule on time is as important as knowing the start date.

3) Will stadiums have an audience?

Last year’s IPL was the first of it’s kind to have no fans in the stadium. In case IPL happens in India this time, then most likely, there will be restrictions to fans coming to the stadium. This is another important factor that the BCCI needs to figure out.

Here is the official timetable of the IPL 2021:

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