When Will IPL 2021 Start? See Date and Schedule for IPL 2021
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When Will IPL 2021 Start? See Date and Schedule for IPL 2021

IPL 2021 is the most awaited cricketing action that people are waiting for, but this year's IPL is full of suspense. Last year's IPL was held in UAE due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this year's IPL was expected to happen in India. IPL 2021 would be the first IPL to be held within a four-month time frame from the last IPL. 

There have been no official announcements from BCCI or the IPL governing council regarding the dates and timetable of the IPL. A meeting between these deciding bodies would be held in the first week of March to decide where IPL 2021 will happen. Betting sites for IPL 2021 are all set to have a blast this year as the fans' much-awaited IPL is returning to India again.

UPDATE: There is an official announcement by BCCI that IPL 2021  starts on 9th April with an opening clash between Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, the last year's finalists and title contenders led by Virat Kohli.

The main concern of BCCI is the rise of coronavirus cases in India and the government's rules and regulations to control it. India is a huge country; thus, COVID-19 guidelines change from state to state. Fulfilling the requirements of all the states would be a difficult job for BCCI. If that is the case, then IPL could happen in UAE again, or BCCI would choose 3-4 stadiums where the government's guidelines are acceptable and would not tamper with the tournament in any way. On the other hand, whether fans can go to stadiums or not is another problem. India has recently started allowing fans in the stadium again. The current India vs. England series saw the revival of fans in stadiums. Most likely, fans would be able to join the games in the stadium if the situation eases, but there would be strict guidelines to follow.

People are eager to enjoy yet another season of the IPL, but the uncertainty with the IPL 2021 is making it hard for the fans. No matter where and when the IPL 2021 happens, fans are eager to see their teams and players in action. The question of IPL 2021 getting canceled is off the table. BCCI is working closely with the governments and would most likely start the season off in April. The priority is to do the tournament in India, and for that, BCCI may need to postpone the start date a bit further. 

For now, all we know is that IPL 2021's official start date would be released soon after the meeting between the BCCI and the IPL governing council. Until then, it is just a guessing game. A decrease in covid-19 cases is all the fans want for now. It's been over a year since the coronavirus set foot in India. Even after making a vaccine, successfully defeating corona is still very far. No matter where the IPL happens and at what time, if people are allowed in the stadium, please take utmost care of yourself and the people around you.

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