What You Should Know Before Start Betting On A Cricket Match?
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What You Should Know Before Start Betting On A Cricket Match?

Due to its popularity in the Indian subcontinent, cricket is considered to be the second most popular sport in the world. 

However, if you are a beginner, you should not jump into the world of betting without reading and understanding cricket match predictions which you will get on the leading cricket prediction site – BettingCric.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the important points which you should know before start betting.


Which cricket tournaments can you bet on? First, we need to differentiate between national and international cricket. Let's start by focusing on the international side of the game. 

Three recognized game formats are played between Full and Associated member countries, governed by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

  • Test match: The oldest form of cricket, played for 5 days, with the potential for any team to win or for the game to end in a draw.

  • One Day Cricket: Popularized in the 70s, this form of game revolutionized cricket as we know it. A game played in one day, with 50 overs for each team.

  • T20 Cricket: Popularized in the 2000s, this form of the play takes emotion to another level. A game played on an afternoon or night with 20 overs for each team.

Know about the cricket betting markets:

There are several cricket betting markets available which are also important to know.


This market means that you can bet on a particular cricket match when it is being played. The good thing about play cricket betting is that you can add a lot of interest and enthusiasm to the match you are following or watching. Also, you can get a real experience of how individuals are performing and playing and thus decide where to place your cricket bet.

Live cricket betting:

In the in-play betting, you can narrow down your selection. Live cricket betting is also one of the popular markets.


Not all bookies offer cash options. This betting selection allows you to play a bet and your bookmaker can give you some or part of your winnings amount before the event ends. If you agree to 'cash out' the offer. Certainly, this is great when playing in-play.

Cricket match coupon:

It is self-explanatory. Choose this option and you will be accessible with several cricket matches or tournaments to be played. For example T20 or IPL.

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Once you have chosen to place a bet on your cricket match, you can select it from the menu of your betting platform. By doing this you will open many ways to place bets on that particular competition. Most of them are very easy to understand.

You can select who will win or which team will have the highest score. You can further focus on your cricket bet and pick which innings and which team will be the highest to make score. Other selections are which batsman, if any, will score a half-century or a century.

All these betting market above are available at 1XBET, the best betting site for South Asian cricket lovers.

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